I'm going to go withdraw some money.

Brian is quite imaginative.

They caught her.

The sisters are quite unlike.

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I'm eating fruits because I'm hungry.

Do you remember the first time you kissed me?

The conference ended at five.

What do you feel like talking about?

Suu only found out after his mother's death that she had gambled away his inheritance.


She has gone out.

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His ideas are quite different from mine.

She knows how to make up.

He knows who you are.

Curtains and carpets were renewed.

I have a few friends who speak French well.


My mother died when I was a kid.


I missed an opportunity to clobber him.

Sanjay is better prepared this time, so he should be able to do it.

Everybody yells at me.

The doctor prescribes it once a month.

He will walk in the park this afternoon.

The necklace tore and the beads rolled on the floor.

I'm pleased you're here.

The murderer will soon confess his crime.

He comes out well in photographs.


Joyce noticed Shari the moment she entered the room.


They're expected tomorrow.

I'm sure she loves me.

It is nice to take a walk early in the morning.

I don't feel at ease on Facebook.

Child care is provided.

Go and wake Raj up.

Jos doesn't want this either.


The promise I made to you last week still holds true.

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Everybody liked that.


There is much more to be done.

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It's just not fair.

The dog drank some water and went away.

He knows how to plant palm trees.

He says that it would carry a risk.

Do you think all officials are corrupt?

Theory without practice will be no use.

How old do you think Susanne is?

A stranger came into the building.

You're my woman.

I am really worried about a friend.

Why did you think that?

We have very strict guidelines here.

They don't see the extent to which they depend on others.

Stephanie heard gunshots and looked out the window to see what was happening.

Bertrand and Isabelle both work for me.

He's on sentry duty.

Celia kissed me before he left.

I like this book very much.

For the time being, I don't have a plan.

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She doesn't love her husband.

I'm expecting her.

Keep this in mind.

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What made you ask him that?

She thrilled to his saying so.

They're reluctant to accept anything new.

Moses brushed the snow off his coat.

He skimmed the text.

We had no trouble.

Some religious people can be very judgmental.

I respect the elderly.

All old people were once young and all young people will be old one day, except for those that die on the way.

He's not paying any attention to me.

Can you stay for dinner?


The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do.

Green is the color of money.

Lin said he just got back from Boston.

We didn't know what to do next.

Hans and I have business.


I have a classmate who says he can speak French fluently.

I've never taught anyone anything.

You don't have to say another word.

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I'm looking for someone who can babysit on Monday night.

We heard the church bells.

Love and friendship are mutually exclusive.

Is this today's issue of the Asahi Shimbun?

How much time do you have before you have to leave?

He's very cute and he's really smart.

Krzysztof is twice as old as I am.

As suggested, I'll call Victor.

Tell me what you'll do.

I'm going to find out who broke this window.

We were successful.

Thank you for bringing your computer.

The rumor turned out to be groundless.

Elias didn't complain about anything.

How long has George been in Rio?

We haven't got much time.

Selena Gomez has just released her second album.

It sounds like you have a plan.

Do you give your consent to the operation?

Is that a new perfume?

I think I'm going to break up with Maarten.

Excuse me, but may I use your telephone?

Choose whatever dish you want from the menu.

I have the key of Paradise.

I usually cut loose a bit and drink plenty before a day off work but if my drinks are cut with tochu tea then I get absolutely no hangover.

Don't go up there.

The coins are made of metal.

Winston is the only one who ever really got along with Thomas.

We are puppets to the gods.


Kusum rejected the offer.

A man is as old as he feels and a woman as old as she looks.

Jeremy walked past the three policemen who were standing on the corner.

Nobody can surpass him.

This is what makes this game an absolute joy to play.

I was pressed by their questioning and slipped into telling an obvious lie.

Geometry, about which I know nothing, seems like a very dull subject.


You've got a lot to learn about being nice.

Didn't you see that?

Pia sipped her hot chocolate.

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Are you with Rolf?

Sergeant keeps the books.

Just tell us what you want.

This paper is rough.

All shall die.

That sounds scary.

Do you travel by sea or by air?

Little as we know about her origins, we can at least be sure that she is a pilot of Evangelion.

I know you understand.

No one else could do my work.

Sedovic needs some assistance.

Not all the books are worth reading.

Rees and Noemi weren't there.

Imported cars account for less than eight percent.

She was dismissed for loafing on the job.

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Ann bent her mind to the work.


How did you get to work yesterday?

Do you understand us?

Unfortunately, help came too late.

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I've written an article. Could you take a look and tell me if it's okay?


Chinese food is no less nice than French food is.


Can I make a suggestion?


It was a very delicate negotiation.


There are many countries that are suffering unemployment. In other words, there are many young people that are not guaranteed a future and are late for the train called life.


Carsten told me he was going to be busy all day tomorrow.

Attention! The walls have ears.

I regard him as an enemy.

It's time to reflect on your past.

Christofer finally had to get a restraining order because Syun kept stalking him.

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The tatoeba.org language website was shut down temporarily for maintenance.

In my country, there is a shocking amount of mathematical ignorance.

We've got nothing to hide.

I didn't want to give up.

Please advise us as to what topic you would like to add or delete by June 12.

Mom, Catherine's hitting me!

I don't remember anything else right now.

He can't have read this book.

What on Earth is this?


God created the universe in six days. Only humans invented the five-day week.

I would love to see my old flame again.

I haven't yet been to Boston this year.

"You do know that drinking that can cause you an abortion?" "Son, men don't have abortions."

Do you speak Dutch?

Don't you hate dogs?

Tell Pim to meet us at the subway station.

Have you known him long?

Old wondered what it would be like not to be blind.

I don't like living in Boston.

It took John only one day to make friends with his classmates at the school.


I haven't decided yet, but I'll let you know by the time we leave.

I don't think Shane will understand that.

Emilio di Cavalieri was a renaissance composer.


Children often try to imitate their elders.